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The Reading Rush 2019: TBR

Hi, friends! Readathon week is creeping up—fast. It’s time for me to announce my reading pile and snoop through yours. Don’t you just love this time of year?

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Books I Wasn’t Expecting to Love (But Did…)

You may be thinking, why would you pick up a book you aren’t expecting to love? Listen, I wonder the same thing, too. Sometimes I read books just for the hype. Other times I read them because my brain wants a break and I know they won’t be hard to get through. Other times…I don’t know what happens!

But fortunately, sometimes that pays off. Today I’ll be sharing with you the books I wasn’t expecting to love and did… Pleasant surprises for once!

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Are Bloggers Responsible for What We Read?

Lately, I’ve been wondering what our responsibilities as book bloggers are. They go so much deeper than posting on time and blog hopping. Given that so many readers worldwide follow at least a handful of bloggers, our opinions and reviews end up swaying their book-buying habits. So how does that affect the way we read and talk about books?

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June Wrap-Up // lots of reading but not enough blogging!

Hi friends! We’re already done with more than half the year (what a concept) and I’m so happy to tell you I’ve been loving how much I’ve read this much. It’s been my best reading month of 2019 and I read some amazing novels. Unfortunately, I lost some blogging steam halfway into the month, but July is for new beginnings!

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