Are Bloggers Responsible for What We Read?

Lately, I’ve been wondering what our responsibilities as book bloggers are. They go so much deeper than posting on time and blog hopping. Given that so many readers worldwide follow at least a handful of bloggers, our opinions and reviews end up swaying their book-buying habits. So how does that affect the way we read and talk about books?

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Does Historical Fiction Always Need to Be Accurate? {chatty corner}

Hello, friends! Today’s post is one I have thought of for a very long time. I’m a major lover of historical fiction. In fact, that’s probably the genre I read the most. But where does history end and fiction begin? Just how much can we murky up the lines? Lately I have read some books that were maybe a little too fictional even though they were based on historical events. So I want to discuss this topic with you and hear your thoughts!

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Thoughts I Have While Writing Reviews {chatty corner}

Dear reader, today I am bringing to the blog another discussion post! It’s been a hot second since I posted a chatty corner post, but today is the day! I saw this prompt on Charvi @ Not Just Fiction‘s blog and new I had to do it. After all, I have a total of 12 reviews to be written and posted within the next month or so! What can I say? There are so many amazing ARCs out this Spring!

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Tiring Out a Genre or Trope & How to Get Back Into It 🌸 {chatty corner}

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I’m hosting another chatty corner. And today’s topic is going to be tiring out a genre and how to move on from that! If you’re an avid reader, chances are you have already tired out a genre or two… Did you try reading that genre again? Or were you too tired that you haven’t touched those books in years?

Today I am sharing my experiences with tiring out some genres (*cough* dystopians and YA *cough*) and also some tips on how to fall back in love with the genre! If you have any tips I didn’t mention, make sure to leave them in the comments!

february wrap-up (5).png

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Exploring the book: stunning spines 🌿 {chatty corner}

Good morning, friends! How are you doing? Has March been treating you well? Today I want to take you on a little journey and ask you to think about a specific part of the books around us: the spine. When was the last time to you thought about a book’s spine? Do you pay attention to them when purchasing a book?

february wrap-up (2).png

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Exploring the book: beautiful covers {chatty corner}

Hello, friends! I am so excited to bring you today’s post, you have no idea!!! I’ve always wanted to break down into detail what I love about books — and now is the time. With every post, I will be sharing with you why I love certain aspects of a book and showing you examples of books I love. I’d be so happy if you joined me on this journey through books!

down the tbr hole (5).png

Today’s topic is one I know all book lovers have very strong opinions about — BOOK COVERS! What makes a book cover great for me? And what are the most beautiful book covers I’ve ever seen? What about those ~fancy~ details that some covers have???

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I like big books and I cannot lie ☕️ // an ode to thick novels {chatty corner}

Hi, gang! Today I’m back with another discussion post (aka another chatty corner!) and I want to tell you about something I love: big, long books. Lately, I feel like I’ve been gravitating more towards these kinds of books. I also think I end up being a lot more satisfied reading them rather than shorter novels? So I wanted to give you a list of reasons why big books are a gift we really don’t deserve.

down the tbr hole (3).png

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Where Do I Get All My Books as an International Reader??? // chatty corner 🛋

With all the ARC and Marie Kondo drama, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I get my hands on all the books I have read. Some people have enormous libraries, others barely have any books at home — and those are both perfectly valid ways of living our book obsession! So I stopped to think how did I get all these books I have read? How did I get so lucky to have the chance to read so many awesome books??? Hence today’s post…

Everything you wanted to knpw (2).png

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university reading list 🎓 what I read for three semesters

Hi, friends! I have never made a personal post, but today I have something very exciting to share with you!!! Just a few days ago, I got a reading list for one of the classes I’m taking this semester. And so I started to think of how cool it would be to do a recap of my university readings! Wouldn’t that be fun????

Captura de ecrã 2019-01-07, às 10.43.32.png

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Getting rid of books that don’t spark joy: chatty corner 🛋

Hey, friends! I’m so late to this discussion party, but I couldn’t help myself and knew I had to post about this. As many of you may be aware of, the bookish community (at least on Twitter) has been going crazy over getting rid of books. Most opinion pieces and tweets I’ve read have grilled Marie Kondo (author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and of a newly released Netflix show). But I am completely on board with her suggestion of saying goodbye to books.

I wanted to leave my two cents here. Why do I think Marie Kondo was right in telling people to get rid of some books? What does she even mean by “books that don’t spark joy”? And why do I think this is actually really helpful and a great way to support other bookworms???


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