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A Late Sims-A-Thon TBR!

Hi, friends! How are you doing? Today I’m finally pledging my TBR for the month-long Sims-A-Thon. It’s such a fun readathon and I can’t wait to show you all the books I’m planning on reading! So let’s get into it…

I saw Avery @ Red Rocket Panda pledge his TBR, which inspired me to put mine together! I’ll cheat a little (just like I do with the Sims) and include books I’ve already read that fit the prompts like a glove. Bianca Reads was the one to come up with this awesome reading challenge, so props to her β€” go check out her BookTube channel!

Rules (the washed down version):
πŸ’š Follow the flowchart to land on each prompt
πŸ’š Read one book for each prompt
πŸ’š Track your reading and have fun!

Creation Mode

πŸ’š Choose-a household: read a book from late in a series
(5 points)

I love this series a lot β€” but for some reason I DNFed volume 6! It’s time to finally pick it back up and fall into this world that a love. Plus, it’s a quick read

πŸ’š Buy a house: read a contemporary book (3 points)

I got a review copy of The Bride Test in early June and I have it scheduled for this month! I love learning more about the immigration process and cute romances are my thingβ„’

Live Mode

πŸ’š Make a friend: read a book that features friendships (3 points)

This novel sounds so awesome and I got a review copy scheduled for this month. It’s a much less conventional take on friendship, full of nastiness and lies, so I’m eager to pick it up!

πŸ’š Get a promotion: read a book you think will be 5 stars (3 points)

There’s only so many months I can go without reading this book. It’s super hyped up, my library has just gotten it!

πŸ’š Fall in love: read a book with a romance element
(3 points)

This cover is so cute!! I’ve read a lot of negative things about this one, so I’m a little scared, but since I received a review copy, I’ll brave it!

πŸ’š Burn down the kitchen: read a book with flames on the cover/title (2 points)

I’ve been eyeing this one for so long, I’m really hoping I can get to this book this summer!

πŸ’š Have your birthday/age up: read an adult book
(2 points)

Yet another review copy, would you look at that! I love literary fiction and the issue of animal conservation is super interesting to me, so I’m planning to really like Three Ways to Disappear.

πŸ’š Writer: read a book by a new-to-you author
(2 points)

I’ve started reading Dopesick a few days ago and am absolutely loving it. I have never heard of or read Macy’s other books, but now I am completely fascinated by the sharpness of the prose.

Are you also doing the Sims-A-Thon? What books do you plan on reading? Let me know!

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