Thoughts I Have While Writing Reviews {chatty corner}

Dear reader, today I am bringing to the blog another discussion post! It’s been a hot second since I posted a chatty corner post, but today is the day! I saw this prompt on Charvi @ Not Just Fiction‘s blog and new I had to do it. After all, I have a total of 12 reviews to be written and posted within the next month or so! What can I say? There are so many amazing ARCs out this Spring!

Let me tell you something, I used to hate writing reviews. I avoided them like the plague. Why? Because sometimes it’s so hard to put my thoughts into words! On top of that, reviews aren’t the posts that get the most impressions, which is totally fine, but I used to be so worries about stats, I just stayed away from them.

Now? Now I adore writing reviews! I’ve gotten into the habit of actually scheduling my blog posts, reviews especially, so that I don’t forget to post anything. And now, I can request ARCs and not feel anxious all the time because I’m struggling to review them all.

That said, there are still so many thoughts that race through my mind when writing my precious reviews. Do you also struggle with these things when reviewing a book?

🌻 Wait, what was the book about?!

I’ll read a book, love it or hate it, tell myself “I’ll write it tomorrow,” and then that tomorrow is actually two weeks away. Why do I do this to myself??? My thoughts get all jumbled inside my head, I forget the names of the characters, and I lose track of my super important thoughts β€” it sucks!

β˜€οΈ Ugh let me delete everything and start over

When it comes to writing a review, I’m super picky about how I voice my thoughts. Should I be more jokey or should I be serious? Should I go into depth and reveal some borderline spoilers or just keep it spoiler-free? I think my reviews are not consistent, which means that I spend a lot of time second-guessing my writing style.

🌻 Where’s that quote I loved?

I love integrating quotes into my reviews. I feel like it gives you a taste of what the writing is like. How is the prose? Super flowery? Just the bare bones? Unfortunately, I suck at keeping track of quotations I like. I’ll be so focused on reading that I just completely forget to mark them down!

β˜€οΈ Formatting is the absolutely worst…

I guess this goes for all blog posts, but formatting book reviews is such a pain in the ass for me. I want to see everything perfectly aligned on my blog and want the text blocks to be easy on the eyes β€” not too long and not too short. But finding that balance with the actual content of the review isn’t easy and takes me hours to do!

🌻 Why can’t synopsis write themselves?!

I don’t like taking the synopsis straight from Goodreads. I’d much rather put my own personal spin on the official blurb and, sometimes, make it a little more interesting. But I’m not gonna lie, writing the blurb takes me at least half an hour β€” and they’re not even that long! It’s always tricky trying to be original (aka not copying GR) and yet not giving too much away.

β˜€οΈ Damn it, now I have to go take the picture for the review!

You know those people with perfect Bookstagram feeds and gorgeous pictures they make for their own posts? Yeah, I’m not one of those people (*cries*). I’ve been pushing myself to take more pictures myself of books, but so far I can only do so for my reviews. I like playing around with objects to make the cover stand out, but at the same time, design isn’t my thing!!! If you have any tips for taking book pictures, hurl them at me!

What crosses your mind when writing book reviews? I’d love to read your answers! ☺️

26 thoughts on “Thoughts I Have While Writing Reviews {chatty corner}

  1. Well, I DO write my own thing about the book as well as copy a Good read’s synopsis, I also post a picture of the cover. I played with the formatting for a few months. I found one I liked and just stuck with it,
    I get an average of 15 likes per review. Not the best, but I’m happy. If I can get at least one person to read a book, then I did my job.
    I don’t take pics. I am not a photographer, and I suck taking pics with ambient lighting, I figured that out years ago when I was doing eBay and Etsy.
    I write what I think people need to know that makes the story interesting enough for a book to be read ( or not if it’s bad).

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  2. Ahah I love reading this post so much, I can relate to A LOT of things you said! I tend to wait way too long after I’ve read a book to review it and… there is a lot I’ve forgotten about the story, more often than not it’s the characters’ names I can’t recall haha. I also would love to keep better track of quotes, because I love reading them and incorporating them in my reviews, but somehow I always forget to bookmark them while I read haha.
    Lovely post! πŸ˜€

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  3. All of this is such a mood and so relatable!
    Honestly, I commend you for writing your own synopsis since I can never ever do that – just copy paste it from Goodreads and done!

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  4. I can relate to this so much!
    I rarely try to write my own synopsis because I’m just incredibly bad at it, so I just copy the one from goodreads. I used to take pictures for bookstagram that I used for my reviews as well but I stopped taking bookish pictures altogether a while ago and now that I’m trying to take them again it’s pretty hard!

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  5. Hahaha, I love this! About 50% of the time I take copious notes on things I read (100% of the time if it’s a book I’ve received specifically to do a review), 25% of the time I take some notes, and the other 25% of the time, I’m all, “Naaaaaahhhhhh, I’ll be fine, I don’t need to write anything down!”, which of course is always followed by, “Crap, what was that guys name? OMG, I have no idea what happened after that!” BAD STEPHANIE. TAKE MORE NOTES. (It’s the best way for me to learn/remember things and I KNOW that, but sometimes I get lazy.)

    And omg, the pictures. I take terrible pictures. All I have is a cell phone camera, but I could probably have the fanciest camera in the world and I’d still have my thumb in the photo, along with a bad glare, along with a heavy focus on the dust on my floor instead of the book. WORLD’S WORST PHOTOGRAPHER RIGHT HERE, guys. Sorry.

    Wonderful, wonderful post. Thanks for keeping it real! πŸ™‚


  6. I related to pretty much everything you said here! Especially the accidentally leaving it too long to write the review and forgetting things, and struggling with the tone. I feel like I always end up being overly formal in reviews somehow, whilst my discussion posts are much more casual.
    Great post!

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