Tiring Out a Genre or Trope & How to Get Back Into It 🌸 {chatty corner}

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I’m hosting another chatty corner. And today’s topic is going to be tiring out a genre and how to move on from that! If you’re an avid reader, chances are you have already tired out a genre or two… Did you try reading that genre again? Or were you too tired that you haven’t touched those books in years?

Today I am sharing my experiences with tiring out some genres (*cough* dystopians and YA *cough*) and also some tips on how to fall back in love with the genre! If you have any tips I didn’t mention, make sure to leave them in the comments!

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why we tire out genres & tropes

Tiring out a genre is a completely normal thing — especially when you’re a book blogger! There’s so much pressure to read the latest releases, which usually means that we end up reading the same tropes. Bummer, right?

It’s not surprising at all that publishing is an industry. And so, when a book comes out and sells really well, it only makes sense for the publishing houses to go after similar books. This can be a great thing (I mean, let’s get more awesome books, right?) but it can also be absolutely awful. New releases become repetitive and tiring after a while… 

me, circa 2015 reading the same YA tropes over and over again

Remember when all Young Adult would publish were books about kids with cancer after The Fault in Our Stars came out? Or when all new books were about teens toppling governments after The Hunger Games was a success? It took way too long for the industry to move on from sicko-lit and dystopians. To this day, I cannot pick up any of these two kinds of books.

I mean, how many times, really, can I read about a 16-year-old girl who is the chosen one and almost single-handedly overthrows a military government? It gets old — pretty fast. 

tropes I am too traumatized to read

To this day, there are still some tropes and genres I can’t pick up. I was burned out so badly that still, to this day I can’t stomach any of them…


internment🌸 Dystopians (the topple-the-government kind) — Most dystopians have been ruined for me by Divergent. After having read The Hunger Games and a few others, I can’t pick up any dystopians anymore. Which is a massive shame!!! Internment by Samira Ahmed sounds like such a good novel, one that I would probably have really liked it, but I just… can’t force myself to!


🌼 Love triangles — Listen, after reading so many angsty YA novels, I can’t deal with love triangles anymore. If the whole premise of the book is centered around a love triangle, I am out.


🌸 Sick-lit — Books about cancer are really not my thing. It feels so… unnecessary sometimes? I don’t mean to say I’m not going to read books with a main character who has a disability or a serious illness. But somehow these cancer books are always the same thing over and over again!


🌼 World War Two books (in Europe) — No matter if it is a young adult, adult, or new adult book, I can’t stand WWII novels. It sounds so callous of me, I know, but why is it that most historical fiction books are about WWII and always have the same take on things? They’re either about a) spies in France, b) Pearl Harbor (romance), or c) overall set in Europe during the fighting. The only exception I make is for books set in Asia during WWII.

so… what do we do now?

If you’re like me, you would probably l o v e to have the joy of reading any book back. And while I have listed a few tropes that I can’t stand anymore, I have successfully gotten back into a lot of other genres and tropes!

I used to be in love with Young Adult contemporaries, then I became sick of them, and now I am completely at peace with them. If I wanted, I could pick up a YA contemporary and love it, even though I don’t read YA anymore, really.

Here is a list of things I usually do to force myself to read a trope I had tired out before…


🌸 Give it some time!

Most of the time, I just put a book aside if I’m tired of that trope. I deliberately avoid books with genres/tropes I’m sick of and usually, that does it for me. Time cures everything — including slumps and falling out of love with books!


🌼 Try reading the complete opposite for a while

If you’re sick of reading dystopians, why not pick up a contemporary? If you can’t stand love triangles, maybe try some romance-less novels. If you’ve tired out high fantasy, why not switch to a space sci-fi novel???


🌸 Maybe it’s time to give up!

Ya know, sometimes you + book = not a match made in heaven??? I don’t know, sometimes giving up on a book/trope/genre really is for the best. Who knows what may come your way because of it?

For example, when I started to distance myself from young adult, I discovered the fantastic world of adult and new adult books. And since then I have noticed myself loving the books I read a whole lot more than I used to!

what do you do? tell me your tips and tricks!

Do you also struggle with tiring out books and tropes? If so, do you have any tricks for me? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!


12 thoughts on “Tiring Out a Genre or Trope & How to Get Back Into It 🌸 {chatty corner}

  1. Even with my favorite tropes and subjects, I sometimes have to take a step back and let my brain clear out for a bit, read something different for a while until I’m ready to tackle another variation of those tropes or subjects. And, like this year, sometimes I come to the realization that I don’t really care for certain things all that much. After being really excited about a certain book this year, after reading it I was just kind of meh (even though there was nothing wrong with the book itself), and after some contemplation, I realized that it was me, and that I don’t actually enjoy dystopian fiction all that much. I want to…but I just don’t, and it’s okay to stop trying, because I’ve read enough of it to know that it’s just not what I personally enjoy.

    My advice: take some time off from that genre or trope. Read new things, read different things. Give yourself some time for the excitement to build back up and come back to it when you’re ready, no matter how long it takes.

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    1. I can’t say that I have ever read a book like the one you have reviewed 😂 But I think anything with Nazis is just too shallow now. It’s something thas has been explored so many times over and over again that I feel like a lot of the authors only come up with a very flat plot… But there could be one out there that really wows me!


  2. Oh I feel the exhaustion of reading and seeing the same tropes, over and over again at times. I used to read a lot of dystopian ya books and I’ve felt really tired of it for a moment – now I can finally get back to it after a little break, and not as often as I used to read that genre, because I’m still a little… well, not entirely as into it as I used to be.
    Lovely post!! 🙂 ❤

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  3. I totally know what you mean about YA dystopian… I loved The Hunger Games, but all the series I read afterwards all just felt like a slightly different copy. I decided not to read that many YA books for a couple of years but this year I picked up some surprisingly good YA contemporary! If you haven’t read The Hate U Give you should really give it a try 🙂

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  4. I think seeing a trope or genre badly done, can make me not want to return. But I like testing the waters every so often to see if the book was just a fluke or if the genre really isn’t my thing.

    Whenever I return to an old genre (or try out a new one for that matter) I try to go with the most intriguing book that I’ve heard positive things about all over, because I feel like that makes me more likely to enjoy the book. However there are some genres that I’m done with, and I’m slowly making my peace with that.

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