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Build your own dream reading corner 💭{tag}

Hi, pals! I’m taking a break from all the built-up stress from work and university and day-dreaming out loud. I have always thought of what it might be like to decorate my own apartment, especially when it comes to a reading corner that’s all mine! Because I love seeing people talk about their reading corners, I decided to make this an original tag! I invite you all to join me and daydream aloud with me!


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💭 Setting the mood 💭

Pick the colors and lighting for your reading corner!


I love an eclectic decoration style, and so my reading corner would definitely ideally fall into that style. To be honest, when I play The Sims (my guilty pleasure), I always use custom content that has eclectic elements. SO!!! I would have my reading nook surrounded by different colors — mustard yellow, velvet green, white, and several shades of gray!

I’ll hang several frames on the wall (all of different colors, sizes, and textures), have potted plants in the corner — as well as those beautiful heart-shaped plants that cascade down from a bookshelf!



As for lighting, I would love to have natural light shining indirectly on my reading nook in the morning. That way, I (and my plant babies!) can bask in the sun during the morning and then we can set up fairy lights and a reading lamp by the seating area!

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💭 Store your books 💭

Where will your books live?


You know, I’m a simple person, I like my books to be housed on pretty, wooden shelves. I love those dark wood shelves that have a rustic vibe to them because they look a little worn out. I think they’re so charming and that they look classic and timeless. Ideally, I would even like to build my own bookshelf! I’m not a very handy person, but here’s to hoping I can do this project one day!


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💭 Arranging and displaying 💭

How will you organize all your books?


I love seeing books organized by color and height on a bookshelf. I know a lot of bookworms say it’s a childish way of organizing books — but this is my day-dream, not theirs! I don’t know, there’s something so soothing about seeing spines of the same color all lined up? It makes the room so much prettier.


I will also add that I want my prettiest, large-format books to be displayed on a coffee table like the fancy person I aspire to become! You know those books that are mostly graphics or photographs? Yep, come to my home and you can flip through their pages!

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💭 Get comfortable 💭

Where are you sitting or laying while you do all that reading?


THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART OF ALL READING NOOKS: COMFORTABLE PLACES TO LOUNGE! Reading can be a physically exhausting activity (it should count as a sport — my butt and leg muscles definitely get sore after a few hours of reading!), so we all deserve super comfortable seating areas.

My dream reading chair is this beauty, but imagine it in velvet green. It’s cushioned, it has armrests, there’s a support for your feet AND I can sit crosslegged (my favorite seating position) all I want because there’s roOM!

reading chair yellow.jpg

BUUUUT! I would also love to be able to read on the floor and not die of discomfort. I’ve seen places that have really comfortable pillows (a true abundance of pillows of all colors and textures — my eclectic dream) all sewn together to make a comfortable cushioned ground-sitting area???

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💭 Curl up with… 💭

Who or what are you snuggling with?


My answers to this prompt are super obvious: a warm, cozy, cable-knit blanket and a cuddly cat. If before I die I can cuddle with a really sweet cat while I read, I will surely die a happy woman…

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💭 Cookies, anyone? 💭

Are you eating or drinking anything? (We’re not judging)


Eating and drinking while reading is such a sacrilegious thing to do, but this day-dream if your safe space, so you can come clean! I am picking a warm cup of black tea with milk or a cup of chai tea. If I’m reading on my ereader, I’ll also get some cookies because why not??? 

Chocolate chip cookies that are gooey in the middle but crisp on the outside will always be my favorites. There’s no competition for these bad boys.


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Who are you tagging? 🌍💻


Writing this post and coming up with the prompts was super fun and cathartic. And so, I’m tagging my favorite bloggers, but anyone who wants to do it is invited to join!!! 

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18 thoughts on “Build your own dream reading corner 💭{tag}

  1. This is such a lovely tag! I love those dark wood shelves! I’m all for color coordinated shelves, it looks so pretty. Personally I love messy shelves that make me feel like I’m in a secondhand bookstore and might fight a hidden treasure. That’s probably even more childish, but who cares 😂

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  2. Your dream reading chair is my dream reading chair, it’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!, I would love that one exactly but in a blush pink color 😍
    I love this tag and your answers, honey! Thank you SO much for tagging me, you’re so sweet 😊
    You’re one of my favorite people and blogger as well 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww, I’m one of your favourite bloggers? That makes me so happy!! Thank you for the tag, it’s super fun and I loved reading about your dream reading nook – can’t wait to come up with my own! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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