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I’m back…

Sooooo… It’s been quite a while since I last posted. It’s actually been almost five months and I have no clue how so much time has passed. I’m going to make this post short because I just have an announcement to make: stop bullying I’m back to the blogging family!

Brown flowers

This has probably been my third time saying I’m back ever since I created Bookish Rita in 2015. What can I say? I have a bad track record of persisting with things that aren’t life or death… But I want to believe this is my last comeback.

I’ve revamped my blog’s look a little, rounded up enough posts for the whole month of November, and gotten my big girl pants on so I don’t quit when I get busy. I hope I can smoothly get back into the writing routine!

I really miss being a part of this community!!! I miss commenting on posts, being tagged to do challenges, tagging other people, and hearing your feedback about what I post! So, fingers crossed, third time’s the charm…

Here I come, book blogging world, ready or not here I come…

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