Things I love (and hate!) about being a bookworm

Hi, fellow bookworms! Today I’m back on the blog with a discussion post about what I love and hate the most about being an avid reader. I miiiight turn this discussion-style blog posts into a series because I’m a very opiniated person. Oops…

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Like all things, there are good and not-so-good things about being a bookworm. I’m sure all of you can relate, right? No matter how much we all love reading, sometimes it truly makes us angry.

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1. Meeting so many interesting characters!

Interesting characters are the best thing since sliced bread. When an author comes up with a character that has passions and dreams, while at the same time havign their own issues, the world becomes a happier place. I love reading well-developed characters because they always enhance the plot. Besides, they’re great companions for down time! Is there anything better than being on public transport and following a character’s quest to save the world or become their own person?! I don’t think so.

2. Traveling to far away lands…

Reading is the cheapest and most comfortable way of traveling. With just the flicking of pages you could be diving off the coast of Hawaii, or lost in an enchanted forest, or even rushing from your NYC dorm to class! The possibilities are endless. There is never a dull moment when you have a book with you.

3. Learning about new cultures

Have we ever felt the need, now more than ever, to learn about other cultures? With our world becoming so globalized — for the bad and the good — at least I feel like I need to understand other cultures as much as possible. Books are great for this!!! When else in history could we have read the worlds of someone across the world from us so easily and conveniently?! Never!
Lately I’ve been even more in tune with this need. I love reading about different cultures, especially when the author is an #ownvoice author (aka from that country/culture). I’m so happy the bookish community online has been opening up to these authors as well!

4. Meeting other bookworms

This is pretty much confined to the online world, but I don’t care! I’ve met so many amazing people both on and out of the book blogging community so far. I love sharing ideas, recommendations—and overall just talking about life with my bookish friends! Blogging did wonders about this because it put me in touch with people from all over the world.

5. Finding similarities between books and everything

Okay, this might be more connected to studying and analysing novels than something else, but my point still stands. After I’m done reading a book I particularly liked, it’s like I see all these things in the “real world” that I hadn’t thought of before. I can, for example, identify myself with a character, or I might even see something on TV that reminds me of a book.
I don’t know what else to say. All I know is that it makes me happy to see connections everywhere.

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Of course there are not-so-great things about reading. However, they’re never enough to put me off from reading.

1. It’s an expensive passion

While there are more expensive passions, buying books can get out of hand quickly. Thankfully, libraries exist, so it’s not all that bad. I just wish books were much cheaper…

2. It can be a misunderstood passion

Am I the only one who has people interrupt her reading because they think you’re bored? The math on their head is Rita + book = Rita is bored. Uhmmm, no?! Sometimes I feel like reading has become so associated to school that it can’t be a fun activity I do on my free time,

3. Reading sprints and marathons put me on a massive slump…

I love organized reading marathons. I can feel my adrenaline levels go up. I usually take part in the Booktube-a-Thon during the summer and winter breaks and they’re the best. I love how the community all gets together to complete the same challenges.
BUUUUT! Because I’m so focused on reading and blogging, as soon as the marathon ends I just want to sleep and stay away from books. Slumps are extremely hard for me to get over, which only makes things worse.

4. Reading can stop being fun… if you turn it into a competition.

Blogging is amazing. It pushes me to read more and outside of my comfort zone. It also means that I read about books months in advance to them coming out. While all that is fun and games, sometimes it feels like I have to be reading what everyone else is too. This might be more related to blogging than to reading per se, but I still wanted to mention this. Do you feel this too?

5. Reading has become too “sacred”

I love annotating and writing on my books. I don’t care about broken spines. I don’t care about dog-earing my pages. Nor do I care about eating and drinking near my books. I don’t see books as sacred — at least not their physical form! I know a lot of people who think otherwise, and it’s something I don’t like about reading. There’s this idea surrounding books that they’re precious objects, and I don’t like that. I think it makes people intimidated about reading books, when it should be a fun and exciting activity!

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Do you have any particular things you love or hate about being an avid reader? I’d love to hear your opinions! 🌻

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5 thoughts on “Things I love (and hate!) about being a bookworm

  1. I 100% feel you on reading feeling very competitive at times! I like to read at my own pace and sometimes that means reading a popular book long after it comes out. I’m very much a “mood” reader, so I don’t like to read books just because I feel pressured by the fact that everyone else is reading it. On the other hand, I do like to stay up-to-date with trends in YA, so I will read popular books when they come out if it means understanding the market better. As for #5, well, let’s just say I have lots of Cheesie stains on my pages 😉 Haha.

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  2. I completely feel this “competition” thingy. I never used to feel this way, but now I feel like I have to be reading all of the books, I have to be reading more and more, just to be… well, on track somehow with everything and really, it is tiring at times haha. I don’t want reading to stop being fun though and it is so important to remember that and to take a step back when things get a bit overwhelming and seek comfort in our favorite books or other activities, too 🙂
    Lovely post! 😀

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