On Reading in Public…

I had some spare time today and decided to write a discussion post. It’s been a long time since I’ve typed up one of these, but I really like them. So today I decided to write a small discussion post on reading in public — what I like about it, what I don’t like, how I do it, and where.

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To read my ideas, click “read more.” I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear what you think of this topic in the comment section 🐼

Why I like reading in public…

  1. Since I spend a lot of my time on public transports, it’s always good to have a book at hand. It makes the two-and-a-half hours go by so much faster and it makes me feel like I’m not wasting a big chunk of my time! I usually bring my ereader with me to university. Not because I do my readings there but because it’s such a lightweight item to carry. I did a post once about why I love ereaders so much, you can read it here.
  2. If I’m surrounded by people who are talking and on their phones, it becomes harder for me to get distracted by my own thoughts and phone. I don’t know why, but I have a habit of reading better when I’m in a place with noise and commotion if I don’t know anyone else.
  3. Like I mentioned, my commute to school in the morning isn’t short. So there isn’t any better way to start off my day than with a good book. Mornings aren’t so much of a pain anymore if I’m off in a fictional universe.
  4. It’s just so calming! There’s something soothing about being out in a public park or garden on a nice summer or spring day reading. I don’t really know what it is, but it must have to do with the birds chirping, distant conversations, and being out in nature and feeling the breeze. It’s super relaxing to me.
  5. I can pretend I’m not eavesdropping or spying on someone while I hold up my book/ereader. I know, I know… It’s an awful habit and one that I hate when it’s other people doing it, but what can I do?! Be less nosy for a start. I always get inspiration to work and to write from hearing other people live their lives.

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What I don’t love about it…

  1. There aren’t a lot of things I don’t like about reading (otherwise I wouldn’t do it, right?) but as always, I have something to complain about.
  2. Reading with noise I’m fine with, but reading when there are children screaming and crying is a no-no in my book. How can you focus when there’s a child yelling her lungs out? Fortunately, I seem to avoid the time when school starts for little kids so it’s not too much of a problem.
  3. I hate having people read my book over my shoulder. It makes me feel uncomfortable and bothered (yet I do the same thing because I’m curious) and want them to stop. This probably links back to the fact that I’m not very person-oriented…
  4. Having to close my book in the middle of a paragraph or chapter because I’ve reached my destination. Ughhh. This is what I hate the most because chances are, when I reopen my book, I’ll have forgotten where I left off and will have to go back and try to follow what I missed.
  5. When I’m with people I know and they start talking to me. This sounds like a very first-world problem, but it grinds my gears. Reading time ≠ free time to chit-chat. I just feel like saying, “I’m on a mission here, people!”

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Where do I read?

If you were to spot me in the wild (*read in a David Attenborough voice*) you’d see me with my nose in a book in these places:

  • metro
  • bus
  • while walking to the university (always stopping when crossing a road because I’m a big girl now!)
  • at university waiting for a class
  • in a boring class (but sneakily!)
  • on the grass at a public garden in the shade
  • on a bench at a public park
  • at the beach
  • in my porch
  • many other places but it depends if I’m being anti-social or not…

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How do I do it?

For the longest time, focusing on my book was a big problem for me if everything wasn’t quiet. Like, sepulchral silent. Until I found that the internet is a big and wonderful place and Youtube (and Spotify) has plenty of reading playlists. Recently I found a couple of accounts I really like, so I’ll be linking them down below:

Besides these songs, which I can only categorize as “lofi hiphop” and “lofi jazz,” I also like to look for “homework edits” on Youtube. They’re longer tracks (usually an hour or so) that repeat the same instrumental bit of a very chill song. I love them, they always do the trick!

I used to have the same problem with studying, but now they’re both solved!

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Do you read in public? If so, what do you like about it; and if not, why don’t you? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this 😊

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13 thoughts on “On Reading in Public…

  1. Usually, the only ‘public’ reading I do is when I’m waiting for a school to open up for the day. I’m a substitute teacher and sometimes I get to the school earlier than the staff so have to wait. Or waiting for the doctor during an appointment.. I have successfully taken a 15-30 minute nap at the doctors before…can get some good reading in.

    But I don’t read in public very often. I am one of those people who like to keep tabs on their surrounding at all times.

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      1. Oh, Yeah I know, it is why I don’t read in certain public spaces. Nothing around me exists when I am reading I don’t want to get robbed and have to explain… That while I was physically there…lol


  2. Reading in public especially during commute has so many benefits, it’s the best way to kill time! I loved all your points here, and I agree it also makes me uncomfortable whenever someone tries to read over my shoulder. I also have a bad habit reading during my boring classes haha I use my phone so that it’s smaller and less likely to be seen. YASSSSS thank you so much for sharing those playlists!! I love listening to lofi when reading, studying, and even before going to sleep so I’m glad to find some new tracks to listen to. I really enjoyed reading your post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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