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It’s All Absolutely Fine (Book Review)

fineTitle: It’s All Absolutely Fine

Author: Ruby Elliot

Genre: Comics; Non-Fiction (mental health)

Rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: 31st January; published by Andrews McMeel

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this book by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Synopsis — what’s it about?


In this compilation of Ruby Elliot’s drawings she takes the reader on a journey through the ups and downs of life, basing it off her personal experience. She approaches a lot of different topics relating them to her mental health, discussing anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and her identity. While the topics at hand tend to be depressing she manages to talk about (or rather, draw) them with a positive message lurking underneath.

Opinion — what did I think of it?


I love how she openly discussed mental disorders and how honestly she portrayed the day-to-day issues of living with it, from being too exhausted to even feed oneself to being too anxious and stuck in one’s head to go to a friend’s party. Those are things not a lot of people are willing to talk about, but Elliot rids herself of prejudice and says what needed to be said — people suffering from mental disorders aren’t doing it for “attention” or to make themselves look more “quirky and fun” to other people, contrary to what seems to be the most popular opinion.

While they were really dark at times, as they were bound to be given the issue at hand, the author did the brilliant job of finding a hidden silver lining. Some of the comics were hilarious and light-hearted, a great use of comic relief.

The little snippets of text she included were brilliant as they added to the story as well. In them Ruby writes about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, what it means to her and how she deals with it daily.

Final Verdict — do I recommend it?


Yes! If you’re looking for a book about mental illness part of #OwnVoices that is both touching and funny, definitely check this one out. It’s very informative about mental health but it doesn’t take itself too serious to the point where it’s dull, instead it is poignant, funny and relatable even to non-sufferers of mental illnesses.

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